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Are You Picking the Right Throw Pillows?

One of the most underrated items of home décor that exists in every home is the throw pillow or the cushion that one finds on sofas and couches. Yes, it remains neglected and yet, it can amplify the beauty of not just the couch but also the entire room per se. So, choosing the right throw pillows and covers would make a big difference. In fact, it is one of the most economic ways to bring in a big change to the look and feel of a room.

But do you know there are pointers to note before shopping for the right throw pillows too? Here is a checklist for you to refer before you go shopping for one.

Sizes matter: There are different sizes of throw pillows available in the market and it makes a big deal to buy the right one too. People have big throw pillows on the corners near the arm of the couch or sofa so that it gives the look of more space. The ones in the middle are smaller in size. This is a vital point to remember and so whether you are shopping for DIY fashion accessories for your home, this is the first point to go ahead with.

Know about the colors: Those who know the art of layering the throw pillows would surely recommend that you do so with three different sizes of throw pillows. Along with that, they would also recommend that you go for a busy printed one on the top, with a simpler design on the second throw pillow cover and the base throw pillow could get a bold base color. So, go and pick the right combination from stores like

Go for one color: If you had firstly gone for one dark shade of maroon then make sure that every other time also you pick the same shade. Do not try to get anything different in green or light pastels since that might give you a disturbing feel. Make sure that you, therefore, pick the right color and shade properly the first time and do no go for the heavily sequined one if you have children or pets around.
Symmetry in patterns and sizes: Every person loves to have a proper symmetry in the living room and since that is where most of the outsiders come, it better be appealing. Symmetrical or same sized and colored throw pillows make a big difference and add to the beauty of the décor of the room as a whole.
Not Too many pillows around: This is a big mistake that many people make when they go shopping for throw pillows. They just pick a throw pillow from every sale and every shop they see thereby creating a big pile of them unnecessarily in the couch.
Too much of anything is bad and whether it is the color, shape, and size of the throw pillow, just remember to keep it subtle. Shopping for Dhaani throw pillow covers from while also checking the latest jewelry collection would be a great move for anyone who loves his or her home.
  • June 20, 2017
  • Siddhant Garg

Handmade Jewelry, from the Artisan's Hands to Yours.

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