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Changing Landscape Of Indian Jewellery Segment With Best Online Stores

India has always been known as the country of rich culture and heritage. Be it rich Indian cuisine, historical sites or handicraft designs, India has gained immense popularity all across the world. Known for their skilled artistry since ages, Indian handicraft artists have been touching the hearts of people across the globe for their passion and love of art.

Speaking of the art, the role of artistry and handicraft in Indian jewellery is something to speak about. A country that is the amalgamation of varied colorful cultures, traditions, and skill sets; every Indian state has something to offer in the form of traditional Indian jewellery. These unique designs and pieces of jewellery are hugely popular not just in the Indian market but in the global industry as well.

With the advancement of technology and the boom of e-commerce in the recent times, the shopping avenues have changed as well. There are a number of unique stores forayed in the segment of trendy fashion jewellery for women with a vast collection of handmade products in India.

Zarood is a pioneer for the best in class and beautifully crafted handmade designs by Indian handicraft artisans. They make intricately unique products, and contemporary designs with ancient preserved art forms. To know more, visit the official website of There are a number of advantages of exploring and buying online fashion accessories for women. Some are discussed below:

  • Comparative shopping - Anyone looking to buy trendy fashion accessories for women after comparing the vast range of products becomes easy and convenient with the options of online fashion jewellery for women. It lets you compare similar items side-by-side. This is different from the in-store shopping experience. At Zarood, you can compare and select from a wide range of necklaces, bracelets, bangles, earrings, bags and home decor items, at the convenience of your home with easy delivery options.
  • Saves money - Online fashion jewellery for women is not only a convenient way to look for trendy fashion accessories but saves a lot of money too. As a shopper, you can actually look at multiple products together to buy only the best after comparing the prices.
  • Allow you to shop at your own pace - Jewellery shopping is intricate for many reasons. It is a big investment and the decision should not be rushed due to the pressure of sales representatives at the stores. Online shopping option at Zarood allows you to browse at your own pace and buy only after the product is as per your satisfaction.
  • More options available in stock - One of the other areas where shopping online for jewellery excels over in-store purchase options is the high chances of the item’s availability in stock and easy shipping options. A single retailer may run out of a particular necklaces or earring you've selected as the chosen ones, but online retailers provide more stock options for any jewellery piece you have set your heart on.

If you are looking for the best handmade products in India made by highly skilled craftsmen, online stores like Zarood fits well in your search. Full of trendy and fashionable jewellery pieces, this store understands the need of every woman for a perfect piece of jewellery to enhance their style and look.

Handmade Jewelry, from the Artisan's Hands to Yours.

At Aurim Blair, we curate traditional Indian art forms and transform them into beautiful handmade jewelry like necklaces and earrings. Buying directly from the artisans and shipping straight to the customer’s doorsteps, we offer the best quality products at a fair price. There are a million reasons to buy an Aurim Blair masterpiece, here are just a few...

We Curate
Shop with Handicraft Lovers

We love Indian Handicrafts and ensure that every product is high quality and only the best. We have been doing this for 5 years, so we know a thing or two.

We Create
Handmade with Love in India

Our dedicated partner artisans work hard day in and day out to create our beautiful products. Buy desi, you will look gorgeous, we promise. 

We Care
Give back to Artisans

We pledge 2% of each sale to support preservation of traditional Indian art-forms and associated artisans. This is the reason we wake up everyday.

  • (by Zarood) is the leading online marketplace for connoisseurs of handicraft products offering high quality products sourced directly from handicraft artisans around India. We offer the best prices with a completely hassle free experience of online shopping and the option to pay via Credit Card, Debit Card and Netbanking processed through secure and trusted payment gateways. We offer a wide range of handmade fashion accessories - necklaces, bangles & bracelets, earrings, clutch bags and handbags. Aurim Blair also offers free flat rate shipping charges for all orders* (T&C apply). Get the best prices and excellent shopping experience and subscribe to the mailing list to get exclusive discounts and new updates.
    Online Fashion Jewelry and Accessories store in india (by Zarood) is an online jewelry shopping store in India offering an array of designer fashion jewelry and accessories for women. We bring you the choicest of handmade jewelry and trendy fashion jewelry, be it ethnic, bridal, casual or formal. We strive to make you look your best with the latest and the finest jewelry.
    Best Online Accessories
    Whether you are looking for statement pieces, such as pendant necklaces, earring studs, bracelets, bags, purse, bangles, traditional paintings or handcrafted products you have a wider variety to choose from. You can find stylish options here for DIY fashion accessories for women that fit your budget and make the process much easier.
    Beautiful Indian Handcrafted Products
    Each handmade products shares a story, whether it's about the artist, the material used, or the origin, it adds more interest to the item itself. Knowing this increases one's appreciation of the object.

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